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                Reflow Oven HW-R306

                Reflow Oven HW-R306

                2022-04-08 04:51:09   1008

                Heating temperature zone:
                Heating zone length:
                Heating element:
                vacuum ultra-long life nickel-chromium heater
                Heating method:
                turbocharged full hot air temperature zone independent small cycle forced heating and rapid temperature increase, power saving and
                energy saving
                Whole machine control mode:
                operation panel keys plus microcomputer intelligent instrument PID closed-loop control / touch screen control
                Heating time:
                ≤15 minutes
                Number of cooling zones:
                Cooling method:
                constant current forced air cooling
                Temperature control accuracy:
                ± 1 ℃
                PCB board lateral deviation:
                ± 2 ℃
                PCB maximum width:
                the horizontal width of the mesh belt is 300mm
                Component allowable height:
                Transportation direction:
                left → right
                Transmission belt height:
                mesh belt 900 ± 20mm
                Transmission method:
                stainless steel B-shaped mesh belt
                Conveyor speed:
                150-220mm / min.
                Abnormal alarm:
                ultra high temperature alarm
                Power supply:
                AC220V / 50HZ
                Start / normal power:
                6KW / 2KW
                desktop 130Kg, vertical three-temperature zone, 180Kg
                desktop L1650 × W613 × H660mm vertical machine L1650 × W613 × H1225mm