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                Internet service technology, Limited by Share Ltd Beijing HWGC Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

                • yr 10-year brand

                • man team

                • % Global market share

                • 亿 投资大规模

                Beijing Huawei Silkroad Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Hebei Branch (HWGC Huawei Guochuang) is a professional SMT equipment supplier mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales of mounters. At present, there are more than 60 professional SMT R&D, management, processing, production and sales personnel, headquartered in Beijing, China, who research, produce and sell electronic component mounters, solder paste printers, reflow soldering, AOI and other SMT equipment. Products are sold all over the world, especially the sales of electronic component mounters account for about 90% of the global market share, of which nearly 10% of the world's intelligent PCBs are produced by Huawei Guochuang machines. The application scope of production equipment covers many industries such as Internet of Things, medical treatment, industrial control, communication, network, digital, security, transportation, smart home and so on.

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                Picking The Right (Or Wrong) Pick And Place Machine

                • 2021-09-09
                • HWGC
                • 3038

                Back in August 2018, we got ourselves a desktop pick and place machine from China (there’s a reason why we didn’t talk about this earlier, read on).

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                National unified service hotline:

                +86 15010550359
                +86 15931673319

                Building 21, Junding Science Park, Shanyin Village, Luquan District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

                +86 15010550359 /+86 15931673319


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                Beijing Huawei Silkroad Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Hebei Branch
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